Land Planning


The Haygood Group's definition of "Land Planning"

"Designing land for development with a memorable arrival experience with intuitive vehicular and pedestrian connections to key features, designing to highlight the best features the property has to offer."

Capacity Studies/Feasibility Studies

In order for a developer to know if he/she should purchase property, he should first make sure that he can actually fit everything on the property in a way that is functional, marketable, and works with governing development regulations. One goal of preparing capacity studies is to determine how much development the site is capable of holding while respecting all the site has to offer and all applicable requirements of development. Another goal is to determine whether a particular development program is feasible.

Site Analysis

The next phase of land planning consists of visiting the site to evaluate what the site naturally has to offer such as views, environmental features, vegetation, topography, hydrological patterns, surrounding uses, circulation patterns and numerous other elements. Existing conditions are documented with photographs, and a map is typically prepared to illustrate the findings graphically.

Conceptual Master Planning

Based on gathered data and a desired development program, numerous conceptual master plans can be prepared to explore various development scenarios. Upon review by the consultant team and the client, a consensus master plan is developed.

Permitting/Entitlement Services

Beginning prior to any design work and continuing throughout the life of a project, a significant effort should be made to work with local, state and federal agencies to make permitting as simple as possible. A land planner/landscape architect can lead the team of consultants through the permitting process.

Other available services include:

  • Project Permitting
  • Design Guidelines
  • Strategic Planning for Passing Land from Generation to Generation
  • Rezonings/Entitlement of Property
  • GIS Analysis
  • Perspective Renderings
  • Character Studies